10 Steps Toward Getting Your Fresh Start

Here are 10 Steps toward getting your Fresh Start:

Step 1 – Complete the Client Intake Form by clicking the link at the bottom of the Consumer Bankruptcy page.

Step 2 – We will call you or email you depending upon your preference to arrange a date and time for your initial consultation to discuss collection activity, your assets, debt and then review your income and expenses.

Step 3 – At the conclusion of the initial consultation, we will advise you about your bankruptcy options.

Step 4 – We will review the Retainer Agreement with you in the office; or we can send our Retainer Agreement Review Video for you to review the Retainer Agreement on your own schedule.

Step 5 – We will sign the Retainer Agreement in the office; or we can send you the Retainer Agreement to sign electronically, if you prefer. 

Step 6 – You will pay the initial retainer and we will set the projected filing date for your case.

Step 7 – You will provide us with the documents and information required in the Retainer Agreement, including credit counseling certificate, paystubs, tax returns, bank statements, etc.

Step 8 – Upon our receipt of the documents and information, will be prepare your bankruptcy petition, schedules and statements for you to review.

Step 9 – We will schedule a date and time with you to review and sign the petition, schedules and statements.  

Step 10 – We will file your bankruptcy documents in accordance with our projected filing date. 

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