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Should a law firm have a vision and mission statement? I believe that a law firm should have a vision and mission statement just like a person should have a personal vision and mission statement if he or she wishes to have a roadmap for achieving desired objectives in their life. As a law firm, it is through our vision and mission statement that we identify our most important values and beliefs and the contributions and achievements we want to make.

In June 2019, inspired by Simon Sinek’s 2009 book called Start with WHY, I began the process of working on a “WHY” inspired vision and mission statement. In Start with WHY, Sinek discusses the differences between WHY, HOW, and WHAT –

WHY– Your Purpose, Cause or Belief
HOW – The Specific Actions Taken
WHAT – The Proof of Your Why

I knew that I wanted to have a successful and profitable law practice, but that is a result not a WHY. I want clients to know that when they hire us, they are surrounding themselves with people who can, not only help them resolve complex legal problems, but also, help them achieve their goals and make them feel good about trying to achieve them.

Our WHY recognizes that we all go through periods of failure, achievement, learning, growing, and maturing. I wanted to express our WHY in a way that would give meaning and purpose to what we do by connecting with people, helping them believe in themselves in ways that empower them to achieve the great things that they were meant to achieve. I wanted the manifestation of our WHY to be impactful on people’s lives, not only clients, but all people who come into contact with us. I explored the reasons why I was in business and I realized how thankful I am for the relationships that I have developed over the years and why I work so hard in my practice.

Our vision and mission statement reflects the value we place on building relationships and our desire for people to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. We recognize the importance of effectively and efficiently delivering legal services but we also recognize the value of serving others and the importance of pursuing excellence in all of the things we do.

If you desire a sense of direction, and a guide to help you in your decision-making, I encourage you to develop a WHY based vision and mission statement that reflects your goals and values. Please feel free to Send us a Message and share your WHY based vision and mission statement.


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