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The following information must be provided before the filing of the case or if a case has already been filed, before the entry of the attorney’s appearance:

  • A completed Intake Form (individual filer);
  • A completed Intake Form (joint filers);
  • A signed and dated retainer agreement;
  • A government issued picture identification card and social security card (or acceptable proof of social security number including W-2 or 1099 statement);
  • A copy of the pleadings for your current case (if applicable);
  • Certificate of Credit Counseling;
  • Proof of ownership of real estate in which you have any interest;
  • Certificate of Title, recent statement from the lender(s), mileage, make and model for each motor vehicle/truck you own;
  • Kelley Blue Book value (private party or retail value) for each motor vehicle/truck you own (print out from;
  • Bank statements for the (3) months prior to filing including all transactions to the date filing, for all of your financial and bank accounts;
  • A certificate, including cash surrender value, for any life insurance policy you own;
  • A recent statement of any retirement account, CD, money market account, stocks, bonds or any other type of investment account you own;
  • Proof of any interest that you have in an education individual retirement account or under a qualified state tuition program;
  • Documentation regarding any estate or inheritance for which you are an heir or interested party;
  • Documentation regarding any lawsuit, garnishment or judgment against you;
  • Documentation regarding any claim, potential claim or lawsuit you have or may have against someone else;
  • Any divorce decrees, separation agreements and child support orders related to you and your marital or parental status;
  • State and federal income tax returns or transcripts for the past four (4) years, including all schedules, exhibits and W-2s;
  • Income tax authorization forms (if applicable);
  • Proof of income for you and your spouse (pay stubs, net income from the operation of a business, net rental income, unemployment compensation, child or spousal support, court order(s) or award letter(s) for income other than employment) for the six (6) months prior to filing;
  • A current credit report (dated within the past thirty (30) days). You may obtain a free credit report at;
  • Account statements from all secured and unsecured creditors;
  • A completed Bankruptcy Questionnaire;
  • If self-employed or operating a business, a completed Business Questionnaire;
  • If self-employed or operating a business, a completed Profit and Loss Statement for each month operation over the past 12 months;
  • A recent appraisal or market analysis for real estate in which you have any interest. If you provide a market analysis, it must be based upon comparable sold properties no greater than six months old; not including foreclosures.

The acceptable format for documents is facsimile and/or PDF. Illegible documents will not be accepted. As a client, you can submit documents securely using our Client Portal. If you email or fax any document, please redact your social security number and any bank account number to only the last 4 digits.

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Please do not send us any confidential information about any matter that may involve you unless we have agreed that we will be your lawyer and represent your interests. The best way for you to initiate a possible representation is to contact the office so that we can explain the steps that must be followed. When you enter into a retainer agreement from us, you will be our client, and we may then exchange information freely.

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We are a federally designated debt relief agency.  We help people file for bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Code.  This statement is required by 11 U.S.C. § 528(a)(4), however, it does not state the full range of services available from this firm. 

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Note: each case is different and the past record of a lawyer is no assurance that the lawyer will be successful in reaching a favorable result in any future case.