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Managing credit and debt can sometimes be overwhelming.  In addition to debt, you may be struggling with employment issues, career changes, stress, mental health concerns, or a general need for support in times of crisis.  If you are experiencing difficulties, you are not alone.  No segment of our community is immune.  If you are having a hardship, but particularly a financial hardship, do not lose hope. If you are in need of a “Fresh Start”, be encouraged that there are resources available to support you.  

Our mission is to empower our clients with effective legal solutions through an attorney-client relationship that empowers clients to accomplish their goals and objectives and reach their full potential.  As a part of our mission, we will provide you with some tips, resources, and insights that we believe will help you to achieve your goals. 

The Fresh Start Daily message will offer the critical knowledge, tools, and resources that people need now to weather the economic storm.  We will provide information on budgeting, savings, credit, and resources available to support you.  We strongly encourage you to take a proactive role, tackling the financial challenges that you face, and stay proactive and moving forward. 

Please remember to take time each day to clarify your goals, plan your next move, and take action!

We will keep you posted and be ready to embrace a Fresh Start Daily.

Yours truly,

Shawn W. Carter

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