Hiring a Lawyer is Leverage

Many people do not hire a lawyer because they believe that hiring a lawyer costs too much money, or in some cases, they believe that they can effectively represent themselves pro se. While cost is an important factor in hiring a lawyer, not hiring a lawyer in your bankruptcy case may cost you more. Hiring a trained and skilled professional, like a lawyer, is a leverage boosting activity that, in the long run, will increase your likelihood of success. When you hire a lawyer, you should engage the lawyer with a clear understanding of your desired result, and you leave the method of representation up to the lawyer. An advantage of hiring a lawyer is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You will be more effective at managing your case, by delegating important tasks like representing you in court, preparing pleadings and strategizing for the case, to your lawyer. Your lawyer is already equipped with knowledge of the process, how to complete and file the pleadings, and how to deal with the court and the trustee. Your lawyer is trained on the methods of prosecuting the case. Your lawyer can point out potential mistakes and what not to do. Hiring a lawyer enables you to give your energy and attention to other important activities such as family and work. By spending less time working on your case, you are now free to delegate tasks in other areas. Another big benefit to hiring a lawyer for your bankruptcy case is that an experienced bankruptcy lawyer can help to reduce the fear, stress, and anxiety that is inherent when you are facing relentless pressure from creditors and a complex legal proceeding. Leverage your fresh start by hiring a lawyer for your bankruptcy case.

If you are an attorney, I prepared this video for you. Please help to spread the message that Hiring a Lawyer is Leverage.

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